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 Jerry Garcia Ties for Men_1575

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PostSubject: Jerry Garcia Ties for Men_1575   Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:16 am

Jerry Garcia Ties for Men

Jerry Garcia, famed as the guitarist of the band, Grateful Dead, is also a great visual artist. With an astonishing number of guitar projects, including four other bands, one wonders how Jerry Garcia still manages to dabble in visual arts in between. But he does so and he does them both beautifully.Garcia always had a passion for the visual arts though he never really paid much attention to it compared to his music. He did enroll in a short art course at the San Francisco Art Institute. In that school, Wally Hedrick, a renowned painter himself, mentored him.If he wasn't onstage with one of his bands, he was most likely on art exhibits of his own works, which he peddles all over the United States. He has made about 500 paintings and sketches and about a thousand lithographs by the time of his death in August 1995. More than 10 years since his death, his legendary guitar skills live on. Rolling Stones has dubbed him as the Top 13 out of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. While this is so, his visual talent remains almost unrecognized.Wearing the neckties inspired by Jerry Garcia's art is a perfect way to pay tribute to Jerry Garcia both as a musician and as a visual artist s well. Very much based on his otherworldly paintings, wearing a Jerry Garcia ties can bring to life any outfit, no matter how drab. It may also serve as a great conversation piece as much as his thought-provoking works do.

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Jerry Garcia Ties for Men_1575
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